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Yooper Paws of Love is dedicated to providing training "With Love" 
to you and your 4-legged friend!
My mission as a trainer is to TEACH owners to ENGAGE better with their dogs to empowering them to ACHIEVE their goals using MOTIVATION to create the perfect team of handler and dog.

My name is Penny Beeman and I own Yooper Paws of Love. I've been working with dogs for over 30 years, beginning with my family dogs, expanding to help friends and family with their dogs, working with rescue dogs, and then training my own Service Dogs.

I've always believed in training with kindness, but over the last 5 yrs I've grown into a force free trainer using positive reinforcement methods. I have received a certificate in Advanced Animal Behaviors from ILLIS Animal Behavior Classes.

As a trainer, I help families & their dogs learn to enjoy each other’s company by developing a teamwork & games based approach to dog training that is as individualized as the family I’m helping!

My current Paws Family Members are Azul, my 4 yr old Service Dog, and Belle, my rapidly growing puppy. Both dogs often help me demonstrate skills to in-person and virtual clients. Azul is working mostly with my fearful and over-reactive dog clients and Belle is working with clients that are just starting out with the basics.

Both dogs typically hang out with me at the Training Center and can stay in the office while I work with clients or come out to help demonstrate skills as needed.

I specialize in large breed working dogs that have a job within their family.  Often my dogs are useful to help demonstrate training skills, build confidence in young dogs, and increase focus within the human/dog team helping to create families and dogs who love being together.  My dog training is done using science based, force free dog training methods to teach dogs the behaviors that are desired around humans.  This method is proven to reduce the frequency in behaviors that are undesirable in the human world that we live in.  In creating clarity of expectations with a family based approach, my clients can develop the dog of their dreams that fits well in their family’s lifestyle. 

Many of my clients are training their dogs to be Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and other types of working dogs that are able to demonstrate manners and maintain training in public environments. 

I work with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs to satisfy a national standard of training for all Therapy Dogs. I also offer a Service Dog Public Access Test to my clients with disabilities.

With a certificate in Advanced Animal Behaviors combined with nearly 30 years of experience, I am qualified to assist with a wide range of training needs.

Azul, Belle and I enjoy visiting businesses and organizations to give Service Dog and/or Therapy Dog Educational Presentations.  We are currently participating in the Bow Wows & Books Program at the Dickinson County Library on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month from 5-6pm.  Readers of all ages can sign up to participate in this program by contacting the Main Branch at 906-774-1218 

If you'd like to schedule a Meet & Greet or a presentation with Azul and I, please email me at

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