The NOSE Knows


The NOSE Knows!

Dogs naturally know how to use their nose for things that come natural to dogs.  They figure out pretty quickly which scents are appealing to them, which scents mean danger, and definitely which scents come from desirable mates.  But with a bit of training we can teach them which scents are important to us and which scents they should ignore.  

My June Theme of the Month was "The NOSE Knows!" and this page pulls all the blog posts about the dog's wonderful nose into one place to make it easy for you to find.

The NOSE Knows Introduction - basics about the Theme of the Month.

The NOSE Knows How to Relax! - Talks about taking a daily Sniff-a-bout with your dog.

NOSEwork is FREE! - Talks about the value of freework to help you understand your dog better.

FUN with the NOSE! - Fun facts about the dog's nose.

Understanding Scent Work - Instructions on how to play Hide-N-Seek with your dog.

Scents and Loose Leash Walking - How sniffing effects loose leash walking.

Teaching Scent Based Alerts - How to register for our Scent Based Alerts Workgroup that begins in September.

Making Sense of Scents - How scents help our dog see the world.

In partnership with Cindy Campbell Dog Training we hosted a Special Edition of SD Handler Chat with special guest Jack Fenton to discuss Understanding How Scents Affect our Service Dogs.  Here is that video for you to enjoy!

June is also National Pet Preparedness Month so here are 2 blogs to help you be prepared for large scale disasters and pet emergencies.

And in June we launched our local Pack Parkour Parties so here are the Parkour Posts.

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