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 Service Dog Training & Support 

As a Service Dog Handler, I often get asked if I will train Service Dogs for other disabled people. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to take on puppies and fully train them, delivering a fully trained Service Dog to someone in need. I prefer to work directly with the person in need, more as a mentor & trainer, to assist people who want to owner train their own service dog. I provide Mentor Services both in-person and virtually to those who are owner training. 

If you are new to Service Dog Training or want to learn the difference between Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Emotional Support Animals, check out my SD Tips page!


Service Dog Support Program

This service combines several other services for a set price of $600 for 3 months or $1,000 for 6 months.  (Monthly payments available!)

Package includes 
  • Bi-weekly sessions in-person or via Zoom 
  • FREE Group Activities including Working Paws Meet Ups & Group Walks
  • Yooper Paws & Crazy2 Calm Virtual Classrooms at no additional cost.
  • Assistance with Public Access & Task Training
  • Chat/Text Support between sessions.
  • SAFE Social Media Support Groups
This package can be applied at any point in Service Dog Training from puppy basics to task training. Many clients will start with the 3 month package and add on a few more months here and there.

When you're in the Service Dog Mentoring Program, you receive free access to all Yooper Paws & Crazy2Calm Online Learning including the SD Foundations ClassroomPublic Access Classroom, Scent Based Medical Alerts Workgroup, Sight Based Medical Alerts Workgroup, & additional Task Training Videos

Often we mix in-person and online services for 6 hourly sessions (2 per month) Clients receiving this service also receive a 50% discount on additional in-person classes such as the Positively Puppy or FAD Family Pets Class and additional private sessions.

Additional Service Dog Support

The C2C Working Paws FB Group is by far my most active group which is open to Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and any type of Working Dog team that trains to an advanced level.  The Crazy2Calm Working Paws IG is also rapidly growing! We are dedicated to keeping these groups as a SAFE Space for Handlers to discuss all topics around working dogs. The Admin Staff are all Force Free, Games Based Trainers and are willing to help anyone who will follow our Kindness Code, treating both humans and dogs as individuals with compassion and understanding.

This is the group that hosts the weekly SD Handler Chats on various topics that apply to SD Handlers. SD Handler Chats take place via Zoom on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the Month with the login link posted in the Working Paws group. These chats are available on the Crazy2Calm YouTube Channel for you to catch any episodes you've missed. 

The Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches FB Page is also a great resource for training tips, SD PSA announcements and other great information that will be helpful to most SD Teams.

Online Classes

Service Dog Foundations Class

This is for new handlers or those who will be training in new environments. In this class we cover the basic skills beyond basic obedience, that are helpful all Service Dogs Teams including tuck, navigating tight spaces, advocating for your SD, and building foundations for tasks.

Service Dog Public Access Class 

This class is designed to help the handler that is building up, making the transition from pet friendly spaces to public places that are not dog friendly. The Foundations Class builds on the Foundations Class, picking up where those basic skills are applied in public spaces. We walk you though all the skills necessary to become a C2C Evaluated SD Team.

Medical Alert Workgroup Series

Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches have 2 self study Medical Alert Workgroups for Service Dog Handlers. In these workgroups we teach Handlers how to teach Medical Alert and Response Tasks.

The MA Workgroup for training scent based alerts for Migraine Alerts, Cardiac Alerts, & Diabetic Alerts and the MA Workgroup based on sight based alerts involving Seizure Alerts, Psychiatric Alerts, & other Interruption based Alerts. Both of these classes are available at a Work-At-Your-Own-Pace class 

The Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches provide the virtual classes at a low cost to help make it possible for disabled persons to afford the training they need. They also provide scholarships to many people in need. Check out the Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches website for more information about our online classes.

Check out the SD TIPS page for more help with training your own Service Dog!

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