October Finding Balance


When it comes to training our dogs to be wonderful and welcomed additions to our family we all seem to struggle with finding balance in some aspect. I started the month off with hopes of discussing several ways that we as dog owners struggle.  But then a planned surgery was bumped in to early October and totally changed my line up of blogposts. I ended up sharing lots of samples from the many online classrooms that are offered by Yooper Paws of Love through our network the Crazy2Calm Canine Coach Collaborative.

Post 1: Finding Balance

Post 2: Theme Change with Information about how & why virtual training classes and private sessions often work better then 1-to-1 sessions where trainers meet with clients face to face. (This is a good thing to read before any of the following posts.)

Post 3: Understanding Adolescence

Post 4: Controlling Your Puppy's Environment

Post 5: Feeling SAFE! (Every dog deserves to feel safe!)

Post 6: Scent-based Medical Alerts

Yes this was a short a month so here are a few other links that might help you find the online class that is best for you.

The Crazy2Calm website where all our online classes and registration information can be found.

The Crazy2Calm FREE Resources for Service Dog Teams

SD Handlers Chats, Public Access Training, Realistic Expectations for Task Training, Training an Advanced Heel

The list of all the Yooper Paws Services offered

The Facebook Page and description of Facebook Groups offered to support dog owners.

The Yooper Paws Store where you can find all the gear I use with my dogs on a regular basis including harnesses, leashes, enrichment toys, grooming tools, and more.

Yooper Paws of Love is dedicated to providing training "With Love" 
to you and your 4-legged friend!
My mission as a trainer is to TEACH owners to ENGAGE better with their dogs to empowering them to ACHIEVE their goals using MOTIVATION to create the perfect team of handler and dog.

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