I often get asked what gear I use for Azul and so I've decided to start a small store with some links for dog stuff that I frequently get asked to share.

I also get asked about purchasing the Yooper Paws logo on gear so here is a link to my TeeSpring Account

Dog Harnesses

This is Azul's Current Harness.  It is a No Pull Harness from BYLEEDUR.  What you can't see in this picture is the front clip.  This allows for a dual clip leash to be attached which prevents Azul from pulling hard enough to hurt me.  

This is a Pet Safe 3-in-1 Harness and my go to harness for any dog that is difficult to fit due to unusual body shape.  When Azul was growing most harnesses rubbed in his arms and this was the only one that adjusted enough to fit him well.  

This is Azul's Service Dog Harness by One Tigris.  I chose this one because it will also attach to a mobility harness that I hope to get one day.  There is lots of room for patches and it has zippered pockets that have enough room for my clean up kit and some meds.  The pockets are not real deep, but big enough for flat objects like business cards or ADI cards and a few other necessities.


As a rule, I make all my own paracord leashes for a shoulder strap and detachable traffic lead or long sniff-a-bout leash.  But there are a few leashes that I've recommended to clients for their function.
The PetSafe Two Point Control Leash, with Padded Handle and Reflective Nylon is a 4 ft dual connect leash.  The handle floats along the main part of the leash allowing you to connect to both the front and the back clips of a no pull harness.  This provides excellent control during adolescence when a dog is still learning leash manners.

Longlines are important for allowing the dog to move at a natural speed and explore the environment safely.  It can be used for relaxed sniff-a-bouts, ACE Freework, and helping a young or shy dog with environmental processing.


For Azul's 1st Birthday, I bought him a Flirt Pole based on the advice of another Husky Owner and Dog Trainer.  It's actually an Intrepid International Horse Lunge Whip, but it works well as a Flirt Pole that extends my reach 15-20 feet away from my body.  This is by far one of the best dog toys I've ever bought!  I've also bought this smaller Dog Flirt Pole for some of my friends.  

Food & Treats

Check out my Treats blogpost for a list of some of my favorite treats and how I use them.

I use both kibble, raw food, and fresh human food with Azul and Cam.  For us Azul gets raw or fresh food for breakfast and kibble throughout the day.  Here is a raw food, Lucy Beef Formula, that doesn't need to be refrigerated until you open it, so it's great for shipping and the dogs love it!  It's great for lickmats and stuffing in kongs and bones.  

Enrichment and ACE Freework 

Snuffle mats are very popular, but here is one that mixes snuffle feeding with a bit of ACE Freework.

And here is a more common Snuffle Mat that is easy for on-the-go feeding as you can load it at home and take it with you for later.

Here is a great price on a lickmat great for raw or fresh foods.

Here is another lickmat that is deeper for those dogs who love to inhale their food.

Here is a cool 2-pack of lickmats if you have a multi-dog household.

Raised Beds

I have 2 raised beds for my dogs.  The first one is an outdoor elevated bed with a removeable canopy from Brightdeck.  I like this one because it is easy to assemble and disassemble quickly and easily and both of my dogs tend to overheat in the summer.  The drawback is that since it is made to quickly come apart, it is slightly wobbly if a dog pounces on to it.  It took some work to get Azul to like this bed.

The other bed I have is Suddus Elevated Dog Bed that is very similar to the first bed and can be used indoor and out.  The difference is that this bed does not go together and come apart as easily.  It took the strength of my large husband to actually assemble the bed.  I'm pretty sure I could disassemble it easy enough, but I'd never have the strength to put it back together on location.  However this bed is more sturdy then the first bed so it doesn't move around if a dog pounces on to it.

Grooming Tools

My latest purchase is a Dog Hair Dryer/Blower for grooming my long haired dogs from Dogii.  I've only used this one time as it just came in today, but I look forward to using it much more this summer as my dogs love to play in the water.  I chose this model because it advertises that it is quieter, but I was surprised by how loud it really it easy.  That being said, the noise didn't bother either one of my boys.  There is a separate switch so you can use it with heat or without and dial that allows you choose the blower speed.  I tried 3 of the 4 attachments today and they all worked well and pulling out the undercoat and releasing it into the air.

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clip, Large
Recommended by Sue Williamson, guest speaker for the SD Handler Chat on Grooming
Sue's First Book: Taking the Grr Out of Grooming 

Wahl Pro for Pets Rechargeable Grooming Kit

More things will be added to this store as time allows!

If you do make a purchase from this list, you will help Yooper Paws of Love raise funds that will be put toward future Service Dog gear for my pups.

If you are looking to buy something that you don't see here, please let me know!  I'm happy to help you search for the best deal!

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