March Madness


Welcome to March Madness!  

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for nice weather!  And with nice weather, comes increased distractions which often leads to madness especially if you have an adolescent or young dog! 

Post 1: Welcome to March Madness!

Post 2: What distracts your dog? And Why?

Post 3: Considering how environments affect distractions.

The Mini-Workshop: Focus Around Distractions
Hosted right here on
March 21st through March 24th

FAD Day 1 - "What is Focus?"

FAD Day 2 - "Understanding Emotions Better"

FAD Day 3 - "Setting Up the Environment!"

FAD Day 4 -  "Focus Exercises & Games!"

Preview of the new Crazy Canine Adolescent Classroom!

FAD Facebook Group

Post 9:  Teaching Impulse Control or Self-regulation.

Post 10: Self Regulation Games

Post 11:  Wrap Up: Working around uncontrollable distractions & creating a resilient team.

Working Dogs: Trainer Talk # 5  Distractions

In this Trainer Talk we discuss these 3 questions: What is your dog's biggest distraction and what behaviors do they do around that distraction? What's your favorite game, practice exercise, or method of dealing with a high level distraction? Have you ever turned a distraction into a reinforcement?

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