Focus on Behaviors

 My February Theme of the Month is Focus on Behaviors!

February being the month of LOVE, we are going to talk about how to get your dogs to do the behaviors you love more often as well as talk about ways for you to love your dogs!  And since we really only have 3.5 weeks this month, I'm going to divide this theme into 3 basic categories:

  • Understanding K-9 emotions and how emotions can effect your dog's behaviors.
  • Providing enrichment based love to all of your dog's daily needs.
  • How to get the most out of your reinforcement value towards behaviors you LOVE.

Here is a list of the blogs in this series with more being added throughout the month.

Post 2:  Understanding K-9 emotions and how emotions can effect your dog's behaviors.
This post explains how our dog's emotions and excitement level effect the behaviors they give us.

This post explains Core Effect Space in simple terms that any dog owner can use to better understand their dog.

This is a fun video conversation between myself and fellow Dog Trainer, Cindy Campbell about how we can better connect with our dogs to show them how much we love them.

Coming up next:  How you can better meet your dog's needs with enrichment activities.

Special guest, Jazer shares a video with us about an enrichment activity his owner provided to help manage his puppy needs.  Thank You, Patti for permission to repost your video!

Then we finish up with information about reinforcement!

February: Focus on Behaviors Bonus Videos

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