Tuesday, February 8, 2022

February Love: Making Human - Dog Connections

February Theme: Focus on Behaviors has been filled with lots of great information based on science to help you understand your dog a bit better. But today we have a fun video for you to watch about LOVE and how you can help your dog to feel your LOVE for them.

Professional Dog Trainers, Penny Beeman - Yooper Paws of Love & Cindy Schwab Campbell - Cindy Campbell Dog Training have a fun conversation about Interspecies Relationships. We talk about how humans and dogs feel and express love differently. By connecting with our Service Dogs, we demonstrate how love looks different for various partnerships. And we give you tips for connecting with your own dogs in a more loving partnership.

This video is more fun then educational and we want to know... How do you show love to your dog? And how does your dog show you love?

Share your answers in the comments here or on the Yooper Paws FB Page.

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