Thursday, December 1, 2022

December Theme

December Theme of the Month
Things to Do With Your Dog in December

This month I decided to keep things easy! We all tend to get busy during the holidays and sometimes that means we leave our dogs out. I want to encourage all our Yooper Paws friends to think about ways to include their dog in the holiday season.  Here is a list of ideas to get you started!

  1. Review Holiday Things that Safe/Harmful for Dogs

  2. Letter to Santa Paws

  3. Tree Lighting Ceremony

  4. Create a Homemade Gift for your Dog Azul's new penguin mat.

  5. Puppy Playdate with a Friend

  6. String Dog Bone Treats for a Christmas Countdown (I guess I missed this one.)

  7. Make a Puppy Christmas Card

  8. Sing Christmas Carols to Your Dog (This happens in the car almost daily!)

  9. Make Holiday Dog Treats

  10. Christmas Lights Drive/Sniff-a-bout

  11. Start a New Holiday Tradition

  12. Make a Puppy Ornament

  13. Share a Treat By the Fire

  14. Donate a Dog Toy

  15. Walk with a Friend (This is going to have to wait till after Christmas due to the cold temps!)

  16. Watch a Holiday Movie 

  17. Hang a Paw Print Decoration on Your Door (yep missed it!)

  18. Hang a Stocking for your Dog

  19. Pause and Reflect About the Past Year With Your Dog

  20. Dance with Your Dog

  21. Read a Book to Your Dog

  22. Play in the Snow

  23. Dress Up Together

  24. Have a Gift Exchange with Another Dog Owner (Jen & Betsy exchanged gifts with us.)

  25. Donate Dog Food 

  26. Wrap a Present For Your Dog (Coming Soon)

  27. Make Cookies for Santa Paws

  28. Take Photo in Front of the Christmas Tree

  29. Make a Training List/Plan (Coming Soon)

  30. Prepare Treat Bags for Puppy Friends (Coming Soon)

  31. Share a Bit of Extra Love Together

  32. Spruce Up Your Dog’s Bed (Azul got a new pillow top for his raised bed on Black Friday)

Throughout the month, there were will be additional posts on as many of these items as we can get to with directions on how to do these things with your dog. BOLD means we've done it but don't have pictures or a post about it.

Please be smart and do all the things you and your dog can have fun doing together as a team!
It's important that you consider your dog's individual needs when you look at this list! If your dog doesn't like to dress up, skip list items that suggest that or keep it really simple like a new holiday collar. If your dog doesn't like crowds, you wouldn't take them to a Christmas tree lighting or parade.

If you want to share pictures of your activities with your dogs, email them to or send them to via messenger and I will post them on the Yooper Paws Facebook page and possibly even include them in a blog on that list item.

Have fun & Merry Christmas!


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