Plan for Success

My January Theme of the Month is "Planning for Success!"

This page will be a list of tips and tricks designed to help you create better training sessions at home and out in the world with your dog.  New posts are being added all month long, but this page will serve as a list to make these posts easy to find all year long.

Post 1:  Starting off with my Yooper Paws plan for 2022! Read this if you want to know what's on my agenda!

Post 2:  Creating a successful training plan can be challenging!
This post is going to highlight some of my best tips and tricks for setting your team (you & your dog) up for success with the help of a training plan. These are things to think about before you begin planning your training session!

Post 3:  Is all about creating SMART training goals

Post 4:  Tips and Tricks  for choosing what goals to put in your training plan.

Post 5:  Switching tracks for overall planning to planning for an individual training sessions.
    Bonus Podcast from Susan Garrett's "" all about planning training sessions!
    More about Capturing, Luring, and Back Chaining training methods.
Post 7:  More about Shaping 
Post 8:   Shaping Games

Post 9: Generalizing cues in new environments.
Post 10: Picking new environments wisely with realistic expectations.
Post 11:  Applying new environment training with friends & family.
Post 12:   New environment training for working dogs.

That's it!  These are my best tips and suggestions for setting up training sessions for success!  Please reach out to me if you'd like some planning help or want to set up a training session for some 1-on-1 training help.

It's a new year and a new plan! Check out these posts in the 2023 Plan for Success.

Post 1: Yooper Paws January Plan for Success with the January Planning Special.
Post 3: Planning Your Goals with Long & Short Term Goals
Post 4: Having Realistic Expectations in Goal Setting.

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