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If you'd like more information about Force Free Dog Training or would like to follow Azul's Journey as a Service Dog, please follow my Facebook page at 

I use this page to share posts from other trainers that apply to issues my costumers are currently dealing with.  All links include information that is backed by science and/or uses force free training methods.

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The Yooper Paws of Love groups are designed by age and/or topic of common interest. My groups are designed to pair owners with similar training interests together to create a network of support for asking questions and celebrating training wins.

Here is my current list:

Yooper Paws Friends

This small private group is limited to those who live in Iron Mountain & surrounding areas.  We use this group to set up local group walks, training sessions, and network to discuss dog training issues.

Clients can post updates about their dog's training progress, available times for group playdates and training sessions, or highlight fun adventures they are having with their dogs.

Check out the SERVICES tab to learn about the Mini-group sessions that are organized within this Free Facebook Group!

Positively Puppy Paws

This group is focused around young puppies under 6 months old and is sorted into post topics.  Members can sort through topics to find help for whatever they are struggling with.  

Topics include:

  • --Socialization
  • --Puppy Brain
  • --Leash Skills
  • --Service Dog Puppy Resources
  • --Games to Help with Behavior Issues

This group is also used for discussion of the In-Person Positively Puppy Class and the Online Positively Puppy Paws Class.

Crazy Adolescents

This group is now linked with the Crazy Canine Adolescent classroom! Group discussions include force free training techniques that will help you survive and recover from the crazy teen stage.

Topics Include:

  • What is Spring Fever  
  • Canine Sensory Overload - When the environment is overstimulating!  
  • Enrichment Sniffing - The benefits of providing scent based walks.  
  • Understanding Hormones - Its not only about sex: Opinions vs Science  
  • Recall Reinforcement - Taking a step back to work on recall training safely.  
  • Reviewing Leash Manners - What's important to you and how do you tell your dog what you want?
  • Socialization Safety - What to do when you come across another dog on the trail.
  • Focus Around Distractions - Practicing the behaviors you want to be repeated.

FAD Workshop Group

The Focus Around Distractions Workshop takes place March 21st - March 24th.took place in March, but the materials are available for to review any time.  
This group is designed to help people who work through the 4 days of activities including video instructions and games to play with your dog.  

The FAD Workshop Discussion Group is also used for discussing things that take place in these classes.

This is a FREE resource that we offer in partnership the Crazy2Calm Canine Collaborative.

Working Paws 

This group is for all owners with dogs that have a job that requires advanced obedience.  Many have dogs in training or working as Service Dogs.  The group is also open to Therapy Dogs, hunting dogs, Search & Rescue dogs, basically any field that requires advanced obedience.  Topics will be mostly training related, but can be open to anything the group wishes to discuss politely. 

SD Handler Chats & Team of the Week are conducting inside this group and here are classes that use the Working Paws Group for discussions: SD Foundations & SD Public Access Training (Coming Soon!)

+R Service Dog Tasks

This group is organized by topic making it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for!  Many tasks are useful for multiple disabilities and there’s also different ways you can train each task.  

Current Tasks Include:

  • Medical Alerts based on observed actions & biological scent changes.
  • Hand delivered retrieve for dropped items & specific items such as meds.
  • Mobility Tasks 
  • Deep Pressure & Heat Therapies

We also have some topics for “frequently asked” issues including training for public access, public transportation such as flying, game based learning, target training, and common training issues.

This group is used for discussing the Scent Based Medical Alerts Class & the Sight Based Medical Alerts Class.

Zoom Chats

At the moment all open general access Zoom Chats are hosted through the Crazy2Calm Canine Collaborative.

SD Handler Chat

Yooper Paws of Love is hosting 2 SD Handler Chats per month through the Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches. Additional SD Handler Chats may pop up throughout the year that are offered by other Canine Coaches.

SD Handler Chats: General Discussion
Held on the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 7pm (Central) with the group openly discussing the topic of the night.

SD Handler Chat: Special Guest Presentations
Held on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 1pm (Central) with a presentation followed by discussion or Q&A depending on the preference of the guest.

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