August - Train Smarter, Not Harder


Train Smarter, Not Harder is all about training proactively instead of reactively!

In August I provided a sampling of things to consider that will make training your dog easier based on their needs and providing the support they need to be successful.

Post 1: Train Smarter, Not Harder Introduction 
Post 2: Celebrating National Assistance Dog Week with a Weekend Special available on Online Training
Post 3:  Service Dog Public Access Videos in prep of the new SD Foundations Class.

Post 4:  What to Expect at Your First Session with Yooper Paws of Love
Post 5: The Crazy2Calm Kindness Code & Code of Ethics shows the standard of ethics Yooper Paws adheres to.
Post 6:  Building Up Interactions with Children as an example of starting small and slowly adding in more distractions.

Post 7: Environmental Processing with looking around, sniffing, and listening to things in the environment.
Post 8: Taking a Sniff-a-bout with info on using a longline.
Post 9: Taking a Walk with a Service Dog with a demonstration of tasks while hiking.
Post 10: Walking With an Adolescent working around distractions safely.

In 2023 we take a look at making training fun!

We start out August with a series of 3 posts focusing on GAMES

Post 6: Training a Service Dog for Public Access

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