Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Announcing the Crazy2Calm Canine Coach Collaborative

This is the new online platform for all the virtual learning I have available as well as access to classes with other Canine Professionals.  With Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches you can now easily find the support you need for helping your dog became a great family member, community member, or working dog.

From this point forward, all my virtual Classrooms, Mini-Series, and Workgroups will be available through Crazy2Calm.net and all my personal 1-on-1 and small group services will continue to be offered through Yooper Paws of Love.  My monthly blog posts will continue to be right here at YooperPaws.com.

With this change my SERVICES tab on this website has been updated and simplified to show local and 1-on-1 services that are offered through Yooper Paws.  And I will keep sharing new class registrations and special discounts that are being offered on Crazy2Calm here in my blog.

As part of my Independence them of July, this will help me to better serve both my virtual and local clients by freeing up my time to help those who need it the way that works best for them.  We all need more TIME in our day to day lives and this will help me greatly manage my priorities and To-Do lists without interfering with the great services and products you already know and love from Yooper Paws.

Another new addition that you may or may not know about already is the start of my own Discord Server.  While this service is open to anyone to join, this is my way of offering support to my younger clients who are more comfortable chatting on this platform.  The Yooper Paws Discord Server is open to everyone with very few rules other then maintaining my typical Kindness Code with everyone there.

The Discord Server is not real active yet, as I'm still learning how to use the platform.  Thankfully I have several great clients who are helping me out!

As a disabled individual that loves to help people, having the offered services streamline into nice, easy to use resources is going to greatly help me on my cognitively impaired days.

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