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Why Should You Join The Yooper Paws Patreon Memberships?

I created Patreon to help dog owners who live outside of driving range to the Yooper Paws Training Center. I tried several other platforms and ways to arrange content in a way that makes it easy for dog owners to find the information they need and Patreon does that. Now I have so much great content on Patreon that many of my local clients also join for additional support.

At Yooper Paws of Love, our mission is to help dog owners and dogs to develop teamwork skills in a way that will help their day to day life. We believe that for the most part, all dog owners LOVE their dog and want to do what is best for them. Yet the amount of training info out there that actually hurts more then helps is enormous. Therefore we want to teach people how they can be successful with training their dog to live a safe, calm, and happy life in their family.

Our mission is to help owners and dogs be successful! 
Success looks different for every family and every household therefore we strive to make sure that we have resources available that everyone can afford. And Patreon Membership is definitely our cheapest option! To achieve this mission, we have some FREE content that is available to everyone who signs up as a FREE Member. This includes

Yooper Paws Updates: A monthly update of things that are happening locally and virtually.
FAD Workshops from years 1, 2, and 3 that help you learn how to teach dogs to focus more on YOU than the distractions in the environment.  In this series, you basically watch Azul grow up as year one he was a young adolescent and year 2 just at the end of adolescents and year 3 he settled into his adult self. This collection offers nearly 15 hours of video content to help dog owners.

The Canine Car Club is a podcast series that helps you teach your dog how to feel safe, calm, and happy in the car reducing fear and over excitement with practice exercises that you can do while you listen to the podcasts in your car.

Creating a Calm Christmas is a 12 post series designed to help you prepare your pets for big holiday events and larger family gatherings. While we reference Christmas often as this collection was released in December, the skills apply to all holidays, large family events such as picnics and reunions, camping trips, and vacations. Basically any time your schedule is going to be different and BIG things will be happening, you can set your dog up for success with the info in this free collection.

Paid Memberships

If you are looking for more detailed info to help with a behavioral problem you are having or teach a specific skill, the paid memberships mix written content with live zoom sessions and text based support from quality Canine Coaches. The Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches help me watch the chat groups and provide support for those in the paid memberships which means you not only get my advice but you also have access to other trainers around the US & Brazil. Here are the paid memberships.

Play With a Purpose is an all new membership designed to help dog owners learn to play in a ways that teach dogs how to think through excitement and build skills that help in every day life. It's divided into 4 different sections; Training with Tug, Balls with a Brain, Playing with Enrichment, and Playing with Your Food. Since this is a new membership will start in June 2024 with posts focused on Tug which can be used to teach dogs to have a gentle mouth, keep mouths off humans, trade for something better, and much more. July will focus on ball play. August will focus on enrichment, & September will focus on Food Games. After that all four sections will be available for members to review at their convenience. This membership is extremely beneficial for people with new puppies or first time dog owners but also a good choice for people that want to learn about having more fun with their dog. The membership costs $6 per month and you can stay as long as you want and leave whenever you want.

There is also a Play With a Purpose E-Book that you can purchase on Patreon for a one time price of $18 if you do not want to join in the monthly membership option.

Helping Fearful Dogs Feel Safe is my entry level membership for those with dogs that display fearful or fizzy (over-excited) behaviors such as barking, lunging, kangaroo jumping, or other big behaviors when something new enters the environment such as people, dogs, and wildlife. In this membership there is a 2 hr instruction video to get you started with helping your dog regulate their emotions. In addition to addressing fears, this membership also includes skills such as leash manners, exit strategies, and games based training to build confidence. This membership is also $6 per month. If you search for other classes based on helping reactive dogs, you'll likely find prices from $500-3,000! Yes, those can be excellent classes but we realize that many people simply can't afford that and helping these dogs learn to feel safe is our passion.  This program comes from the heart and we will do our best to continue to add content that will help all dog owners with fearful and fizzy dogs.

Turning Struggles Into Strengths Membership combines 2 Collections in a massive support program for people who are struggling with a wide variety of common challenges. To start with the Challenging Behaviors Collection is a video workshop based learning with over 12 hrs of videos that work through a wide variety of foundation topics that be applied to most behavior challenges. Then this year we are getting more detailed by creating workshops and additional resources that focus on a specific behavior.  We started with leash manners and will be working through struggles with resource guarding, separation anxiety, jumping on guests, barking caused be fear and barking caused by excitement, and so forth. This membership tier is part of our step up program so it also includes the Helping Fearful Dogs Feel Safe Collection. You can get all of this great content for just $10 per month. Again you can start whenever you want and leave when you're ready. So if you did just 3 months of the membership you could do most of the content already there for a cost of $30 and opt out. But this is also the membership that continues to expand so most people enjoy this membership much longer.

The Trainer in Your Pocket Membership is our top level tier! For just $16 a month you have access to all the resources in every collection offered! Play With a Purpose, Helping Fearful Dogs Feel Safe, The Challenging Behaviors Workshops, & the Turning Struggles into Strengths Collection. Plus you get excellent support from Canine Coaches! There is a group chat available to ask questions, a monthly live Q&A session where you can ask questions and submit videos to be review. And you can send direct messages to Canine Coaches that will be responded to that day. This could cost thousands of dollars with other trainers, but we are trying to make this affordable for everyone! For many dog owners, $16 a month is manageable compared to up front costs starting in the $1,000 range.

All of our Patreon Support is designed to help you and your dog grow as a team by playing games together that can be applied to every day life experiences. We realize that most dog owners are used to more traditional training where dogs are given orders that they must comply with. Our resources are designed to help dog owners transition from that old school methodology to one based on love and compassion, using training to teach our dogs how to be successful in life by making good choices, seeking support from their human, and learning to be safe in the environment. If you want to enhance your relationship with your dog, then you're in the right place!

We encourage you to join as a free member and check out the content there first, then look at what you really need help with the most and how much time you can commit right now to help your dog. Then if you still are unsure of which membership is right for you, reach out to us for a FREE 15 min phone call where we can point you down the path that will help you the most based on your needs.

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