September Struggles


One thing all dog owners have to face is struggles that impact their relationship with their dog or jeopardies the safety of others. Common struggles that I work with regularly are reactive behaviors, resource guarding, motivational challenges, leash skills, dealing with big emotions from the dog and the human. As much as each dog owner is an individual so is each dog, which creates a need for an individualized plan. However many of the strategies involved in tackling the challenging struggles are often very similar for many of the common struggles. The September Theme of the Month: Struggles & Strategies is designed to start a conversation about many of the struggles that are commonly faced by dog owners. Here is a list of the posts for this month.

Post 1: Introduction to September Struggles & Strategies

Post 2: Understanding Behaviors This post is crucial before reading any of the other Struggles!

Post 3: Leash Manners

Post 4: Resource Guarding

Post 5: Super Athlete Struggles (When our dogs NEED too much exercise to behave.)

Post 6: Reactive Dogs

Post 7: Service Dog Skills of Teaching Tuck Inside a Vehicle

Post 8: Halloween Safety Tips (Can be applied to many holidays and discusses desensitization to holiday decorations.)

Post 9: Information about the Building a Better Bond Workshop

Keep in mind that many of these struggles take time and skill, so the posts will not be designed to solve all your problems, but should help you to get started. There is also information about when it is time to reach out for help from a Dog Trainer or Certified Behavior Consultant with many of the Struggles discussed this month.

At Yooper Paws of Love, Penny is both a Dog Trainer & Certified Behavior Consultant with training provided by ILLIS ABC and networking with many other CBC's around the globe. While our specialty might be Working Dogs, we also work with several fearful dogs to help them learn life skills to make our people world not so scary.  If you are struggling with understanding your dog's behavior or want to get some help with training more acceptable behaviors reach out to or text Penny at 906-399-0548.

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