Here is my current price list & description of services offered.

The Yooper Paws of Love Training Center is located at:
611 N Hooper St. Kingsford, MI  49801

Yooper Paws of Love is committed to providing training "With Love" to you and your 4-legged friends! 

My mission as a trainer is to EDUCATE owners to ENGAGE better with their dog's to EMPOWER them to function as an effective team together.  All of my training is designed to help owners and the dogs they love to accomplish their dreams together.  By working together to take care of both human & canine needs, you will create a stronger bond between you.  And with a strong bond, your team will be prepared to take on the life you've always wanted with your dog.  

I tackle all of the common puppy problems and also help you work through the crazy adolescent phase to help you reach your end goals of a well adjusted adult dog that fits well within your family.  I also work with adult dogs that may have missed out on some early training and now have developed behaviors that do not fit within your family.  With desensitization and counterconditioning techniques I can help you to change your dog's fearful emotions in predictable happiness.  I will also help you to better understand why your dog has certain behaviors and help your dog to learn which behaviors you would rather see from your dog.  Together we will come up with a plan to take your dog from where they are now to where you want them to be.

NEW Virtual Classrooms & Workgroups are offered through the 
Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches Collaborative!

Medical Alert Workgroups to Teach Sight & Scent Based Alerts
and Monthly SD Handler Chats on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the Month.

Services Offered

Personalized Training Plan  

I need to get to know you before I can create a training plan that fits your family's needs. We can get to know each other in-person or by video call virtually via Zoom.  During this session we will discuss any problem areas or behaviors that you want to improve an skills that you want your dog to learn.  I offer a few different ways to work on a plan with you.

If you are a new client scheduled to take an upcoming class, you qualify for a FREE 30 Class Evaluation Consult. This is basically designed to see if you and your dog are a good fit for the class you have registered for. Register for your FREE Class Consult today!

If you are an existing client that is either in a current training plan or has been a client in the past year and want to participate in planning surrounding a specific behavior or challenge you having, the Behaviors Planning Package would be a good fit. This is available online only. The Behaviors Planning Package costs $150 and covers one 60 min Zoom session and two 30 minute Zoom Review Sessions. Register for your Behaviors Planning Package here!

All other new clients must first participate in an Evaluation Consult which costs $120 for a 90 minute session where we will create a plan that typically takes 3-6 months to implement.  Once you participate in this Evaluation you will qualify for a discounted rate for a 6 session package and any other client discounts that are offered. Register for your Evaluation Consult here!

Private In Person Training Sessions 

Many families start with private 1-on-1 sessions to help lay the foundation skills that are helpful to create the awesome behaviors you want in to see in your dog.  Private sessions start with a 90 Minute  Evaluation Consult that runs $120, then we can create a plan for future sessions. Individual private sessions start at $75 per session and generally last 1 hour.  Private sessions generally take place at the Yooper Paws Training Center, but can also be in your home or out in the community somewhere depending on what your dog needs.  From there we can work together to develop a schedule of weekly or bi-weekly sessions at a time that is convenient for you.  I offer a package rate where 6 sessions can be purchased at the start for $300 paid before or at the first session. To learn more about private sessions check out this post.

I also offer semi-private sessions in the form of Mini-Groups with 2-3 teams that are all working on the same skills.  Mini-group sessions are scheduled as needed and cost $35 per session. Mini-groups are scheduled as needed, therefore this option may or may not be available depending on the training you are seeking. These are most common for those training a Service Dog or a Therapy Dog and sometimes are offered to overly reactive dogs who are ready for small groups but not quite ready for the classroom environment.

Video-based Online Private Training Sessions 

For people who live outside of the Norway/Iron Mountain area, I can set up digital services including video calls starting at $75 per session.  This can be paired with in-person visits for a small travel fee.  I frequently hold training sessions along the East side of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  Online training sessions are scheduled as needed and can be bundled with other services for additional support.  For my virtual clients, you also receive Virtual Classrooms at a 50% discount when you book 3 or more sessions.  Virtual training can be found at Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches!

Positively Puppy Paws Services  

I offer in-person Positively Puppy Class once every 8-10 weeks at the Training Center. My in-person class is not your typical puppy class as I focus more on teaching you the skills you need to train any behavior you want to train your puppy. While we do cover the basic behaviors of sit, down, stay, come, and other basic obedience I spend more time helping you learn to apply the techniques of luring, capturing, and shaping behaviors using positive reinforcement and games to teach these concepts.

People in this class can also participate in additional puppy playdates for $15 per session which will be scheduled as needed by clients.

For Adolescents and Young Adults 

Focus Around Distractions Class

The goal of this class is to increase teamwork between the dog and handler which is perfect for adolescents and older dogs.  Each session students will receive information about various force free training methods and learn how to apply those methods to teach your dog to repeat all the behaviors you love.  This in turn, teaches the dog what you want them to do in distracting environments, making it easier to avoid the behaviors you don't want to be repeated or practiced by your dog.

FAD Classes are designed for dogs between the ages of 6 months to 3 yrs of age, but any dog can participate in class. I do my best to schedule dogs around the same age in classes together because this makes it easier for everyone, especially the dogs. For dogs 6-18 months the class moves a bit more slowly and we spend more time focusing on basic skills. For dogs 18 months and up, we touch on basic skills but focus more heavily on the distraction and the dog's reaction to that distraction, which is most commonly other dogs.

I have a few different levels of FAD Sessions based on what the end goals are for the dog/handler team.  Dogs that are training to be Service Dogs or Therapy Dogs can add in pet friendly public environments, where fearful dogs would be practicing in different environments.  The cost of this varies as well, so email me at to discuss setting this up.

Confident Canines Class
The Confident Canines Class or Mini-Group Sessions is geared to the shy or fearful dog that struggles with reactive behaviors around strangers and/or dogs.  This closely follows the FAD Sessions with an emphasis on more environmental processing and stress relieving practices. I offer this class virtually through the Crazy2Calm Canine Coaches but also offer mini-group sessions for my local dogs in this class. If there are not enough clients interested in mini-groups, I suggest you sign up for the Paws & Play Membership in combination with the Confident Canines Class so that you can practice the skills learned in the online class at the Training Center where I can offer you some additional support. By itself the Confident Canines Class costs $200 for the 12 week virtual class. If you are enrolled in another Yooper Paws package, you receive a 25% discount bringing the cost down to just $125. The Paws & Play Membership is also discounted to just $15 per month while you are registered in this class.

If you're a Canine Professional or have some advanced training skills & knowledge, you may also be interested in the Confident Canines Coaches Class which will help teach you how to support other human/dog teams in building confidence and creating more resilient dog/owner teams.

The Canine Car Club

If your dog is over-the-top excited to go out and about with you, the Canine Car Club might be a good fit. Often owners struggle with over-excited behaviors when first getting out of the car which can be due to the build of excitement along the drive. The Car Club meets twice a month to go over some basic car manners and what to do when you first get out of the car. You can sign up to meet in person or via podcast so you can do the activities from anywhere. The cost is just $5 per session or $30 for all 6 sessions. The Canine Car Club meets on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month at 1pm.

Service Dog Training & Support 

As a Service Dog Handler, I often mentor other Owner Trainers in all aspects of training needed. 

Service Dog Support Program

This service combines several other services for a set price of $450 for 3 months or $700 for 6 months.  (Monthly payments available!)

Package includes 
  • Bi-weekly sessions in-person or via Zoom 
  • Virtual Classrooms at no additional cost.
  • Chat/Text Support between sessions.
  • And connect with others via FB Groups & Discord Chats.
This package can be applied at any point in Service Dog Training including the SD Foundations Classroom, Public Access Classroom, & Task Training.

Often we mix in-person and online services for 6 hourly sessions (2 per month) Clients receiving this service also receive a 50% discount on additional sessions if needed. Clients who buy the 6-session Private Package for $300 can receive a discount of 25% on online classes. However the Service Dog Training and Support Package makes that even cheaper with one monthly payment of $150 per month for all the classes, both in person and virtually, that you need!

Additional Service Dog Support

The Working Paws Group is by far my most active group which is open to Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and any type of Working Dog team that trains to an advanced level.  This is the group that hosts the weekly SD Handler Chats on various topics that apply to SD Handlers. SD Handler Chats take place via Zoom on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the Month with the login link posted in the Working Paws group. These chats are available on YouTube for you to catch any episodes you've missed. 

I also offer a +R Service Dog Task group for clients looking to join the network of owners who are training their own Service Dog Tasks using Positive Reinforcement Training.  

Medical Alert Workgroup Series

I'm currently running a series of Virtual Workgroups to help teach owners who are training their own Service Dogs how to teach Medical Alert and Response Tasks.

The MA Workgroup for training scent based alerts for Migraine Alerts, Cardiac Alerts, & Diabetic Alerts typically runs in the fall and the MA Workgroup based on sight based alerts involving Seizure Alerts, Psychiatric Alerts, & other Interruption based Alerts typically runs in the spring. Both of these classes are available at a Work-At-Your-Own-Pace class when they are not currently being held in the annual Workgroup format.

Workgroups are designed to work through 1 new topic every 2 weeks. Each topic has a video that is roughly 1 hour long, then each topic has multiple lessons with written content, links to additional reading and short demo videos. We will also be using a few other virtual resources to help us accomplish our goals including my +R SD Task Facebook group, so workgroup members would have automatic access to this Facebook Group with lifetime access to information on training several key Service Dog tasks.  

At this time the workgroups are very reasonably priced at a one-time fee of $150 which covers access to the +R SD Task, all the classroom lessons for 1 year, and 1-on-1 support as needed either virtually or in-person for 3 months.  Workgroup Members must be dedicated to teaching with force free, aversive free methods and have dogs that are already at an advanced training level.

Registration for the Medical Alert Workgroups can be found at

Check out the SD TIPS page for more help with training your own Service Dog!

If you don't know which service is best for your needs, please reach out to me.

Text: 906-399-0548
Or find me on Facebook

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