Yooper Paws of Love is dedicated to providing training "With Love" to you and your 4-legged friend!
My mission as a trainer is to TEACH owners to ENGAGE better with their dogs to empowering them to ACHIEVE their goals using MOTIVATION to create the perfect team of handler and dog.

At the Yooper Paws Training Center we have 3 main lines of training for FAD Family Pets, Fearful & Fizzy Dogs, and Service Dogs. Most dogs fit into one of these categories.

FAD Family Pets:

Any dog, but typically owners with puppies and adolescent dogs wishing to improve basic skills to help the dog be successful in the family and day to day life. 

Fearful & Fizzy Dogs: 

This is for owners with dogs who are a bit "over the top" with their reactions to distractions. Often adolescent dogs 1-2 yrs old fit into this category and older dogs that have a trauma history or were never socialized as a puppy. These dogs over-react often due to fear or basic impulsiveness and need to take training a bit slower of a pace and using more distance away from other dogs. Fearful & Fizzy Dogs do not do well in group classes when we first start, therefore this almost always starts with a 90 Min Behavior Consult and 6 Session Training Package.

Service Dog Support: 

This is for disabled owners who are working to train their own dog to a Service Dog level standard. Owners who fit into this category most often will mix in-person and online training with our Service Dog Support Package

In-Person Training & Online Training Available

We offer in person training at the Yooper Paws Training Center in Kingsford, Michigan. Many of clients travel from surrounding communities to participate in our training because there is nothing else like it this area.  The Training Center is located at 611 N. Hooper St., Kingsford, MI 49802

For those who live farther away, we offer virtual sessions via Zoom and a wide variety of online classes through the Crazy2Calm Canine Coach Collaborative which puts clients in contact with other Canine Coaches around the U.S. & Brazil.

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