Saturday, January 21, 2023

NEW Canine Car Club

Announcing the NEW Canine Car Club!

This is a totally new class using a new format! For years I've done car desensitization with my own dogs and over the last few years I've helped many other dog owners learn how to go through this process. But now I'm pulling it all together in a group for both local in-person clients and virtual clients.

I will be using the Zoom format mainly for audio purposes only. Participants will be required to sign into zoom to listen to my directions. I will be using headphones and not looking at my phone at all so there is no need for participants to turn on video unless they want me to observe their dog's body language.

Lessons will be designed to teach you how to develop calm manners in and around your car, desensitize to seeing other cars moving, people moving, and dogs in the parking lot, and developing a safe way to transport your dog. Here are a few key points that will help you determine if these sessions are right for you.
  • Multi-dog households can bring multiple dogs with one registration. 
  • Locally, I will be using my demo dogs as a distraction inside and outside the car. 
  • Virtually you will be choosing parking lots based on the distractions you want to work with.
  • If your dog is feeling safe, calm and comfortable in the moment you may have the opportunity to practice short periods outside for potty, sniffs, and mini-breaks. But you will want to make sure your dog has taken care of this need before coming to the session.
  • You will want to provide fresh water and high value reinforcement for your dog during the session.
  • Each session will last roughly 30 min of actual work time and another 30 min of review, Q&A, or individualized help.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Online Training Special

In celebration of launching the all new Online Positively Puppy Paws Classroom 1 yr ago today, I've decided to run a discount for the rest of January!

This virtual classroom is great for anyone who has a puppy under 6 months old or is planning to get a puppy in 2023.

This classroom is a steal at $125 for lifetime access to the materials. Now through Jan 31st you can purchase this program for just $65.

The online program allows you to work at your own pace and review sections as often as needed. This is not the same as an in-person puppy class! Instead you learn about the nature inside your puppy; how their brain is developing and how you can shape that development to guide the pup in becoming the dog you've always dreamed of. You will also learn how to use positive training methods that involve a dog centered care approach to build up the desire in your puppy to do the behaviors you'd love your puppy to do again, and again, and again. This games based approach teaches you and the puppy to develop teamwork based on a concepts approach rather then a specific list of tasks you hope to accomplish.

Whether your training your family pet or training your dog for a working career such as a service dog or therapy dog, you will enjoy doing the games in this classroom. 

Find out more on our virtual training site at

Purchase now through Jan 31, 2023 for only $65.

Class includes:
--lifetime access to materials
--facdbook group for interactions with other puppy owners.
--free support via text/messenger until your pup is 6 months old.

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