Wednesday, March 2, 2022

February Finale


I hope you all enjoyed the February Theme: Focus on Behaviors.  The information provided, was probably not what you anticipated but I do hope you enjoyed it.  As a Trainer, I hear comments all the time about "How do I get my dog to stop doing.....?"  It can be frustrating because most often the owner has not even considered WHY that behavior is happening in the first place.  I hope the information on emotions, enrichment activities, and reinforcing methods as helped you to look at the bigger picture of why your dog is doing what they are doing.  With a teamwork approach to dog training, we all need to work together to take care of all team members, the people & the dogs.

I wanted to end on "light at the end of the tunnel" note, with a point that everyone makes mistakes!  Using positive reinforcement training is challenging for most people because there are so many layers to getting it right.  I have a weekly conversation with other trainers covering a wide variety of topics that effect us in our own personal dog training.  The people who participate in the conversation, may or may not be professional trainers but have trained their own dogs to an advanced level of some type of Working Dog.  This week's topic was Reinforcement Mistakes!  So watch this conversation to learn about some common mistakes and some of our best tips and tricks for preventing mistakes.

If you'd like to more information about the Working Paws: Trainer Talk that takes place weekly, you can join my free Facebook Group:  Working Paws.  All the conversations will be placed in YouTube for you to view any time you want.  You can check out the other episodes in this playlist.

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