Thursday, November 3, 2022

Noticing November


The November Theme of the Month is Noticing November!

When we own and love a dog, sometimes many things go unnoticed. Sometimes it's good for things to go unnoticed because we can forgive certain offenses such as getting dog hair everywhere, the wet dog smell, and other such inconveniences simply because we LOVE our dogs. But Sometimes its bad when things go unnoticed such as health issues, behavioral issues we either ignore or believe can't be helped, or mistakes we humans might be making that are interfering with our dog's training. This month we will be discussing lots of those small things that go unnoticed, both the good and the bad.

There are so many little things that can add to our dog's behavior and our relationship with our dogs. Often these things go unnoticed for a long time making the activity into habit. And as humans we know that habits are often hard to break. I know that I struggled to reduce or eliminate Non-Reward-Markers for almost a year. And even now that I have broken the habit, it still slides in when I'm not feeling well or frustrated with something. Practiced behaviors for humans and dogs can become amazingly helpful are extremely hurtful. Taking note of these behaviors and becoming more aware of the bigger challenges they lead to can help us prevent huge problems later. 

My goal this month is to get you thinking and noticing some of the little things in your day that might be impacting your behavior, your dog's behavior, and your relationship with your dog.

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