Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Black Friday Specials!

 Announcing the Yooper Paws Black Friday Sales!

This year I have 3 big promotions, the first of which comes with a big announcement!

The NEW Yooper Paws Membership on Patreon will released at a discounted price until January 1st for anyone who wants to try it out. There is a FREE Patreon Membership that has some info on Focus Around Distractions to show you want the Membership Service is all about.

There are 3 Membership Tiers (options) available!

The Helping Fearful Dogs Feel Safe Membership includes the 2 hr Workshop that teaching you about the need for safety, how fear impacts our dog's behaviors, and provides training resources to help you support your dog in becoming more resilient. This membership package is just $3 per month. Every month I will be adding a new case study, video review, or other bonus material to support owners with fearful or sensitive dogs.
The Challenging Behaviors Tier includes all the great resources available in the Helping Fearful Dogs Feel Safe Tier plus all the great workshops Yooper Paws has hosted in 2023 in prep for helping dog owners learn how force free training can teach our dogs to do more of the behaviors we love and less of the behaviors that drive us crazy. In addition to the pre-recorded workshops that you can watch at leisure, this tier will have 1 new monthly workshop designed to address some of the most challenging behaviors in greater detail. There will also be plenty of information on games you can play with your dog to teach the behaviors you love including impulse control, keeping their feet on the floor, using their inside voice, and other great skills. The Challenging Behaviors Tier will cost $6 per month.

Then for those who already love Yooper Paws, the nerdy dog stuff and getting all the best resources, we will have the Premium Planning Package which includes everything in the previous 2 tiers plus loads of fillable or printable worksheets, support in creating your plans, and monthly Q&A sessions for $8 per month.

Instead of saving to pay larger sums of money at once to purchase a package that has everything you need, the membership allows you to stretch those expenses out throughout the year in small monthly payments that are directly debited from your account so you can continue to enjoy the training support without stressing about additional costs. Members will get a discount on all Yooper Paws of Love and Crazy2Calm Classes if you do need additional training. The best part is, you can cancel any time! So you can try it for a month or two and cancel the membership if it isn't working out. But don't wait to try it because the prices are going up on January 1st!

The Challenging Behaviors Support Package

The Challenging Behaviors Support Package is a mix of our most popular packages! This starts with a 6 Session Package that can be in-person or virtual sessions for $300. Then as long as you schedule your 1st session by November 28th (that's scheduled, not attend before that date) you will automatically receive a free Challenging Behaviors Plan a free virtual classroom or webinar depending on what you need most! For example, if you have a crazy canine adolescent that you want to do some training with, you get your 6 Session Package, lifetime access to the Crazy Canine Adolescent Classroom, and a Challenging Behaviors Plan with additional resources based on the top 3 behaviors that are driving you the craziest. That's $525 Value for the one time fee of $300.

Virtual Learning Package

If you don't live in the Yooper Paws local area and need virtual training support, you can try out Yooper Paws with this low cost package. The Virtual Learning Package starts with one online class from our Classroom List, plus you receive additional 1-on-1 support from a Canine Coach which includes a 60 minute planning session to cover anything in the classroom you need help with along with two 30 minute follow up sessions to help you carry out the plan that was created.

You can choose from canine age/stage appropriate classes such as the Positively Puppy Paws or Crazy Canine Adolescents Classrooms. If you need help with an older dog, chances are the Confident Canines Classroom is a good fit.

Or you can choose from our Service Dog Classrooms including the SD Foundations Class, SD Public Access Class, the Scent-Based Medical Alerts Class, or the Sight Based Medical Alerts Class.

The only catch is you must register for the Classroom you want to attend by Nov 28th! 

Most classes cost $100, $125 or $150. With this package you pay for the price of the class you register for and the additional planning sessions are free. That will save you $150 no matter which class you select!

If you're not sure which classroom is right for you, simply email us at and Canine Coach will help you figure it out.

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