Monday, October 3, 2022

October Theme: Finding Balance

When it comes to training our dogs to be wonderful and welcomed additions to our family we all seem to struggle with finding balance in some aspect.  Here are just a few examples: 

  • Finding a Time Balance: How do you train your dog when your juggling kids, job, housework, yard work, etc.
  • Finding a Training Method Balance: There are many different training styles and techniques to choose from and most dog owners don't use just one training style. (I use force free, positive reinforcement, and dog centered educational approach to dog training.)
  • Finding a Family Balance: There may be multiple people involved in training and caring for the dog and often struggle with finding a balance that all people can agree on.
  • Finding a Feeding Balance: Will you feed kibble, raw foods, wet foods, people foods, or a combination of multiple types of food?
  • Finding an Exercise Balance: How far do you walk your dog? How long do you play fetch? What about the Zoomies, do you have that in your exercise plan?
  • Finding a Training vs Games Balance: How do you decide how much time your dog should spend in heel vs how much time they spend sniffing the environment? Do you play games before, during, or after your training session?
These are all conversations I have with my clients and Canine Coaches regularly! And here is the biggest thing about Finding Balance; there is no right answer! Every dog owner has to find their own balance.  What works for me, may seem impossible to others. A client who works full time away from the house is going to have different abilities then someone who is home all day. The month of October is going to be based on asking the hard questions and finding your personal answer. Because after all, you are the one who has to live with and care for your dog.

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