Thursday, October 20, 2022

Controlling the Puppy Environment

Preventing bad habits from starting by controlling the environment that pup is in is the KEY to raising a successful puppy!

Most bad habits are self rewarding making it harder to stop the habit when pup is older.  Pup starts chewing on a shoe, people chase!  This quickly becomes a fun game of catch the puppy.  It's fun for pup, but not people.  So the best approach is not to chase in the first place.  Present a treat or toy the pup wants, then toss it away from the object you don't want pup to have.  While pup is distracted, remove the item he wasn't supposed to have.

For years, the thought was that you are then rewarding the pup for picking up an item they shouldn't.  But science has shown that puppies can't think that far backwards to link those things together.  Instead they think, oh I heard my name and looked at my person, they had something I really like.  Let's look at them more often!  As they get older, their brain builds longer links or chains actions together more easily.  But right now your pup can't comprehend multiple links in the chain.

This is a sample lesson for the Positively Puppy Paws Class under the topic "Understanding Your Puppy's Brain." This topic also includes information about different age groups where puppies go through developmental changes, crate training, and helping your pup to relax or be calm.

The Positively Puppy Paws Class is a work at your own pace class with support offered for the first 6 months via message, text, zoom, etc. You can have lifetime access to the classroom materials and free ongoing support in the matching Facebook group.

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