Tuesday, September 28, 2021

September Series: Motivation

 I've been posting a September series on Motivation on my Facebook Page and I've decided to put the same information here! Moving forward all my training series posts will be done on this website with some of the posts being shared to the Facebook page.

We, as people, have chores to do that we don't want to do without good motivation. Who really enjoys doing dishes or running the vacuum? How about walking dogs when it's really hot, really cold, raining, etc? So why do we expect our dogs to do what we are asking without motivation?

This month I'm going to post about different types of motivation; food, toys, games, sniffing, etc. It's important to pair the right style of motivation with something that works nicely with your end goal. Cam is extremely food motivated and also loves praise and petting. Azul loves games, tug & other less common forms of motivation.
More on this topic will be coming soon!

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