Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Pay What You Can Special


I am now offering something very unique I feel in our sector - when it comes to my 1-on-1 real life training days I no longer have a set pricing structure.
The training days will be based in Iron Mountain or Norway and I will be working with you and your dog on whatever you want to train - as long as I feel it is safe to do so.
Training will take place in real life contexts out and about - we will go to parks, road walk, shops, cafes, and more.
I think recently the dog training world is in a bit of a crisis, combined with the after effects of lockdown has made getting help with training sometimes inaccessible for some.
As part of the package if you are comfortable I can also film and edit a video for social media to celebrate your achievements and for you to show friends and family your training adventures!
🌟 There is NO set price.
Pay what you think it’s worth or Pay what you can afford.

The catch:

--The day is AT LEAST 3 hours long. These days are designed for the most committed of dog owners that want to be thrown head first into the deep end and be pushed to really help them reach their dog's potential.
--It is the owners responsibility to make arrangements for a safe decompression zone if required so if your dog needs a break they can, but I can still help you whilst they grab some zzz 💤 .
--I do ask for a $20 non refundable deposit to “hold” that particular day/time.
--You need to be 100% committed to never using aversive training tools or methods.
Find out more about my training style on my Facebook Page
🔥Think it sounds awesome? 🔥
Pm the page! I’ll get you set up 🙂
(Thanks Ruby for this great idea! I hope I can help at least a few people with this offer!)

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