Wednesday, May 4, 2022

May is the Month of MAYbe's

The monthly theme for May will be all about the "maybe's" we encounter when training a dog.  As dog owners we all experience moments where we question what is right for our dog and their role in our family.  This month I'm going to to be posting on some of those MAYbe's to help dog owners when they are struggling with an important decision.  Here are a few MAYbe's I hope to expand more on throughout the month:

  • MAYbe my dog would enjoy going to the parade, birthday party or some other event with us?  MAYbe NOT!
  • MAYbe my dog needs more training around this certain type of distraction?  MAYbe NOT!
  • MAYbe my dog needs more exercise before he can be calm?  MAYbe NOT!
  • MAYbe I don't know what my dog needs?  MAYbe it's time to ask a trainer for help? or MAYbe it's time to get a Behavioral Consult?
  • MAYbe my dog would make a good Service Dog?  MAYbe NOT!
  • MAYbe my dog needs to wear different gear?
  • MAYbe my dog is too dumb to learn, stubborn, lazy, etc?  MAYbe NOT!
  • MAYbe I'm not a good enough trainer to help my dog?  MAYbe YOU ARE!
  • MAYbe I should think about re-homing my dog?  MAYbe you should consider your options!
Would you like to add more MAYbe's to this list?  
You can email suggestions to!

The important thing to note is that every dog owner struggles at some point or another with doubting they are doing the right thing or doubting their dog is able to learn what they are asking.  I want to approach some of those doubts and hopefully give you some tools that can help dog owners make the difficult decisions more easily.


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