Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Emotional Experience

Unpacking the Emotional Experience with Andrew Hale

Yooper Paws of Love and Cindy Campbell Dog Training are pleased to be collaborating with Andrew Hale to discuss a topic that is very important to us, considering our dog's emotional experience. This discussion to geared toward dog owners who are training their own assistance/service dog in a way that will help them consider their dog’s emotions and learn to increase their teamwork. But the information applies to all dogs including family pets, hunting dogs, and Therapy Dogs.
Topics: --Understanding the behaviors we do and the behaviors we see others do. --Understanding personal truths and how our truth is unique. --Unpacking the emotional experience in our dogs. --Everyone needs CAKE & TEA! --Experimental & structured learning processes. --Looking at emotional reactions on both sides of the leash.

Everyone needs to enjoy some CAKE!

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