Monday, September 11, 2023

September Plans

September Struggles & Strategies Plans at the Yooper Paws Training Center

This month we will looking at many common struggles faced by dog owners and people working to train their own service dogs. And with all common struggles, there are some common strategies. We posted quite a few last year during the September Theme of the Month, and we are going to continue to expand that list of common struggles. 

  • We will be adding blogposts about Self Regulation in our dogs and hopefully highlight some new ways to help our dogs learn to control their impulses a bit better. This includes one of the most common struggles for dog owners...barking!
  • We hope to put the final touches on our Challenging Behaviors Series of Webinars with a Lunch & Learn Zoom Session on Understanding Functional Reinforcement September 27th beginning at 12:00PM Central. This will be a free webinar for 30 days before we move it into the paid webinar files. Register Here!
  • We will starting new projects with our Wednesday Group Walks!
    • The Morning Group will be adding in new environments with more people distractions such as parks, neighborhoods, and public spaces. This takes distractions to another level!
    • The Evening Group will be moving from Wednesday to Tuesday and begin learning about and practicing skills involved in walking multiple dogs from the same house at the same time. This takes leash management skills to another level!
  • We have some great strategies planned for our Service Dog Teams!
  • We have our group of Super Sniffers in the Yooper Paws Nosework Club that will be focusing on searching in outdoor spaces which includes struggles with changes due to wind, surface type, competing smells, etc. Plus we will be adding some Simple Sniffers for teams that are just starting out with Nosework.
  • Back to School Classes are starting back up!
    • Positively Puppy Paws Class will be on Thursdays at 6:00 PM beginning on September 21st.
    • FAD Family Pets for previous Puppy Paws Clients will be on Mondays at 7:00 PM beginning on September 18th. I'm thinking about scheduling a FAD Family Pets Beginner Class, so please let me know if your interested!
  • Last but not least, we hope to dive into the topic of determining our dog's individual strengths and how we can alter training to make it easier for our dogs to learn while having fun.

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