Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Bark & Treat

 Join us for some fall fun at the Yooper Paws Training Center!

Bark & Treat

611 N Hooper St, Kingsford, MI  49802
October 25th from 5-7:30 PM

$10 To Enter the Trunk Design Contest!

Businesses, Families, & Groups are encouraged to decorate their vehicle trunk in Halloween flare, then pass out treats to owners and their dogs.

Set up begins at 5PM 
Judging at 5:45PM 
(Prizes will be awarded immediately following judging.)

Any fall flare decorations are allowed with bonus points earned for displays that are dog themed. Please do not include anything that is designed to pop out causing a startle response. Lights and scents encouraged!

Bark & Treat Owners

Owners are encouraged to bring out their dogs for the fun Bark & Treat Activities.
Social dogs are encouraged to attend from 6-7PM.
Dogs that may need a bit more space from other dogs are encouraged to attend from 7-7:30PM.

Please do not bring any dogs that are fearful of people in general for everyone's safety! 
At Yooper Paws of Love we have a soft spot in our hearts for dogs that are fearfully reactive and do our best to include them in all activities. But safety for everyone including your fearful dog is our first priority! If your dog is on the fearful side, please contact Yooper Paws to schedule a time to pick up a treat bag and play the games privately. 

In addition to the Bark & Treat Fun we will have additional games and activities set up inside and around the Yooper Paws Training Center. 

Photo Contest will be held indoors with a winner announced the following day via Social Media and an email to the winners. You must register and have your photo taken by the Yooper Paws representative to enter the photo contest. All entries may be shared on any Yooper Paws social media sites and/or contest sponsor sites.

Games will include a Pumpkin Eating Contest, Search the Scarecrow, Bobbin for Balls, and this list will keep growing based on participation and sponsors.

We are requesting a small donation of $2 per dog to participate in activities that will be used to help some of our local Service Dog in Training Teams.

Contact Yooper Paws of Love to reserve your Bark & Treat spot and enter the Trunk Decorating Contest.

Text us or leave us a voicemail at 906-399-0548 with the Name and phone number you would like to register under and let us know if you are interested in sponsoring one of our games or contests.

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