Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Building A Better Bond Client Review

If your still on the fence about registering for the Building A Better Bond Workshop, read this review from one of last year's workshop attendee's.  We have several people who participated last year, joining in the fun again this year!  One of the things that makes this workshop so successful is that we keep it at a fairly small group of people, so everyone gets acquainted and looks forward to seeing the progress that other teams are seeing.  Many workshop participants create friendships that last well beyond the active workshop.  The Admin staff is dedicated to helping workshop participants to become successful human/dog teams and will spend as much time with you as you need!

To: Penny Beeman

I am so excited to watch as Penny Beeman expands her dog training business. I found Penny on a FB group when I was struggling in a service dog training program with my dog-Ruger. I was about to give up after two years of hard work and dedication. Ruger was a challenge to train every step of the way. We went through three trainers-each recommending the other because Ruger needed someone ‘more experienced’. I contemplating quitting many times but I just knew in my heart Ruger and I were meant to be a team. I came across Penny’s class ‘Building a Better Bond’. I hesitated to enroll in the class as I hadn’t completed the program we were already in but am so thankful I enrolled in ‘Building a Better Bond’. Penny’s passion brought our excitement back! Her knowledge and experience helped us work through hurdles and increased our confidence. I also appreciated her commitment to positive reinforcement/force free training. Penny was dedicated to helping us but I could tell her dedication runs deeper. It’s a mission to help humans and dogs understand each other and have a mutual respect of each other. The outcome is easier training through a bonded love. I am happy to announce that Ruger and I successfully completed our service dog training program! Thank you Penny! We couldn’t have done it without you! I’m excited to watch your business grow as you help change the lives of dogs and their people. Much love to you!
--Katrina and Ruger from SC

The Admin staff is here to help you, so if you have questions or concerns please reach out to us!

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