Friday, November 26, 2021

The 12 Dog Days of Christmas

At Yooper Paws of Love we like to slowly move into the Holiday Spirit by adding a few new holiday decorations each day.  We also like to have some fun including our pets in our holiday plans which is why we created the 12 Dog Days of Christmas!  And we invite all our friends to join in this fun Christmas Dog Training Photo Challenge.

Yes I know typically the 12 Days of Christmas begins on Dec 25th and goes after Christmas, but how many people really want to spend the time after the 25th getting in the Christmas spirit. So I've decided to do this fun photo game leading up to Christmas. The game will be simple:
The daily challenge will be posted at and on our Facebook Page.  You can participate by adding your photos on the FB page or email them to  
As you have fun playing with your dog, getting them to do the 12 Dog Days of Training, take pictures and post them to our Facebook page or email them directly to
And here is the best part...participation is 100% FREE and should be fun for you and your dogs!
Day 1 starts on December 14th.   You can follow or subscribe to the Yooper Paws blog to have the daily theme sent directly to your email box.  And I will also be posting the info each day on the Facebook page so if you LIKE that page, the daily post should show up in your news feed. 
Most of the activities are simple things that are covered in basic obedience. But even if you have never trained the dog to do anything, you can still participate! (And yes, for my friends with cats or other can play along too as long as you can get your animal to do the activities!)
This is something that your going to want to share with all of your dog loving friends and family.  The easiest way to that is to share this blog post with them!  But you can also share the links above to our website or Facebook page.
There is no need to register or RSVP, but you can definitely leave a comment here to let me know you're interested!  I hope you plan to share in the fun!
If you want to read the daily challenges ahead of time, they can be found in this calendar.

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