Wednesday, March 2, 2022

March Madness: Distractions!

Welcome to March!  I don't know about you, but I'm ready for nice weather!  And with nice weather, comes increased distractions which often leads to madness especially if you have an adolescent or young dog!  I'm going to start out the month talking about different types of distractions and how they impact our dog's behavior.  Environmental distractions have a huge impact on behaviors and focus so I will spend some time specifically on different environments.  Lastly, I'll be talking about impulse control, focus, and helping your dog learn to process the environment around distractions.  We will be learning to apply what we learned in January about planning & what we learned in February about emotions to what we can do now to help our dogs become the best teammate they can be.  Watch this short March Madness Intro with co-trainer, Cindy Campbell Dog Training as we discuss distractions!


And be sure to subscribe to this blog in the right hand column so you won't miss out on the Focus Around Distractions Mini-Workshop taking place March 21st through 24th.  Cindy will again be co-hosting the FAD Mini-Workshop with me as part of our initiative to keep dog training real for all dog owners!

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