Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Confident Canines Coaches Class

Yooper Paws of Love is pleased to be hosting our first class geared to Canine Coaches!

The Confident Canine Coaches Class is designed to teach Canine Coaches how to support dogs with confident building activities.

Canine Coaches are people who work as dog training professionals and owners training dogs at an advanced level. This is class is great for anyone who wants to learn to support their dog better with confidence building games and activities. Service Dog Handlers & Owner Trainers are welcome in this class.

This series has been created with force free training methods using games and teamwork to build up confidence & resiliency. Teachers will be Penny Beeman & Faith Weber from Yooper Paws of Love with Admin Assistance from Ashlynn Holt.

Topics Include:
Understanding the 5 Core Confidences
Establishing Routines
Developing Good Behaviors
Management Techniques

The 5 Canine Confidences

  • Distractions Confidence - the belief that changes in circumstances are acceptable and manageable.

  • Predictability Confidence -  the belief that things happen for a reason and their behavior can predict or dictate outcomes. 

  • Relationship/Team Confidence - the belief that together (dog/handler) they can handle the challenges in front of them.

  • Self Confidence - the belief that they can handle the challenges in front of them.

  • Safety Confidence - the belief or feeling that they will be safe, calm, and comfortable in regular day-to-day activities.

We will explore and develop these core canine confidences by playing games and doing exercises to help your dog become more confident. All activities are designed to guide each individual dog through some basic foundational skills that you would normally go through in a basic adult obedience class. However this class is designed to teach Coaches how to look at each dog's individual needs to set up training sessions that support that dog, both physically and emotionally.

The next class will begin in April 2023 with Early Bird registration available through March 31st. Service Dog Handlers and other Dog Owners seeking advanced training can participate in the class for $200. The cost for Canine Professionals seeking certification is $299 and will have additional homework assigned to evaluate skills.

There are 6 Topics released 1 per week for 6 weeks. There will be a weekly Zoom meeting scheduled to go over the information with a recording available within 48 hrs for anyone who can not participate.  Once the information is released, students have 1 year to complete the class, do the assignments and finish the final project in order to earn a certificate of completion. Canine professionals will also have an evaluation process in order to earn a Certificate in Creating Confident Canines.

During this class we will do a deep dive into the 5 Core Canine Confidences beginning with Safety and working our way up to distractions. Then in the final lesson, looking at how they all pull together to build a more resilient dog. Resilient dogs will then spend less time in recovery mode after encountering normal daily activities with a faster rebound speed due to the confidence gained with their owners.

Not only will we understand the 5 Core Canine Confidences but we will look at activities designed to build up each confidence. Each activity has a basic starting point and can be expanded as needed for each individual dog. Confidence building never ends, therefore most activities are designed to start at whatever point the human/dog team is at then making progress together as a team to build a bigger and stronger connection together.

While this class is designed to address the needs of pet dogs, materials can also be applied to service/assistance dog training. Canine Coaches who take this class will be able to apply the knowledge to pretty much any training that is offered increasing their ability to understand the whole dog in front of them.

Yooper Paws is committed to helping the students in this class to understand these confidences and how to apply them to the dog they are training. Our goal is to provide materials in a wide variety of ways to address the different learning preferences of each human. We also offer group support via text/messenger for 1 year after the start date of class. If private sessions become necessary, they will be offered at a discounted price to support anyone needing additional assistance.

Contact us at yooperpaws@gmail.com for more information.

Register in this Form, then an email will be sent to you with 48 hours as a confirmation. Payment details and class specifics will be sent out once the Spring 2023 class is scheduled.

You will receive an email within 48 hours after filling out this form. If you do not receive a welcome email with payment information, please reach out to yooperpaws@gmail.com for assistance.

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