Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Announcing Paw CAKES

At Yooper Paws of Love will be starting a new email list to support our clients even more!

Introducing Paw CAKES!

The Paw CAKES Newsletter will be sent out 2-3 times a month using the following format.
  • I'll give a brief description of the topic of this Newsletter Edition.
  • Compassion: This section will explain the emotional side of the topic for this edition.
  • Awareness: Will focus on the signs, symptoms, or behavior that often accompanies the topic.
  • Knowledge: Will give us the science that has been done involving the topic.
  • Empathy: Will focus on common human emotional experiences surrounding the topic.
  • Support: Will give the Yooper Paws Support Services that are best fitting for the topic.
I'll be doing my best to keep these short and focus more on providing valuable content. But this resource will only be available to those who join the email list. 

To streamline the process and ensure no one is getting SPAM emails they don't want, I will be using one registration form that highlights all the available resources that Yooper Paws of Love offers. Using this form you can select exactly what info you want by clicking the right checkboxes.  

You should receive an email confirming your selections and providing you more information about the resources you selected within 48 hrs.  This is not automated, so please bare with us if it takes a little bit to process. But if you don't hear from us, please email us to be sure your request is being processed in a timely fashion.

At any time you want removed from any of these email lists, groups, or other resources, simple email us at


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