Saturday, May 21, 2022

Canine Parkour

 Canine Parkour for Active Dogs

In Canine Parkour, you teach your dog to perform “interactions” with objects in the environment such as jumping over, going under, going between, walking across, going around, backing between or onto, or sending around.


Canine parkour builds confidence and fosters teamwork by giving you and your dog an opportunity to explore and meet new challenges together as you perform the interactions with different objects in different locations. It also builds physical strength and flexibility while improving overall physical conditioning. 


Safety First - Before doing Canine Parkour you need to have the right equipment!  A harness with a back clip and a leash or longline allows you to support your dog if they need a bit of help.  A dog should not be wearing any type of choke or prong collar doing Canine Parkour activities as these may cause harm if the dog falls or the leash gets caught.  Even a flat collar can become stuck or get twisted and become dangerous.


What I like most about Canine Parkour is you don’t have to go out and buy any expensive equipment!  You use what you have in your current surroundings.  A chair, table or bench can be great to practice skills at home during the training phase.  Logs, stumps and short rocks can be great obstacles that are easy to work with when you first move outside.  Start on low objects that are easy for your dog to be successful and build your way up to more difficult behaviors and obstacles.


Common Parkour Stunts:

  • Paws Up - 2 paws on any object
  • On Top of the World - 4 paws on any object
  • Go Around - circles an object
  • Bum in the Air - back paws on any object
  • Crawl Under the Bridge - crawls under any object
  • Jump or Flying - dog jumps over any object without touching it
  • Balance - dog walks on top of obstacle without touching the ground
  • Through - dog walks through an obstacle such as a hoop

Pack Parkour

Beginning June 2nd, Yooper Paws of Love will be hosting a Pack Parkour event at Strawberry Lake beginning at 6pm. We will be setting up a wide variety of obstacles to teach your dog the skills to do various parkour activities.

The Pack Parkour even will take place on the first Thursday of every month this summer with different obstacles and skills being worked on each time.

There will be a $10 charge per event per dog to try out the obstacles and practice these skills.

You can learn more about this event in our Facebook Events Page.

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