Friday, August 12, 2022

Weekend Class Special!

Yooper Paws is pleased to announce...
The Crazy2Calm Canine Collaborative has decided to offer a Weekend Special from August 12th through 14th!

With the recent launce of 2 new classes, the Crazy2Calm Collaborative has decided to help out Service Dog Owner Trainers with a special weekend blitz.  For a limited time, if you register for one of our fall classes at the purchase price, you will also receive FREE registration to one of other classes.

Fall Classes

Free Classes

How to Participate

Register for both classes before midnight on August 14th.
You will be contacted via email on Monday, August 15th with details on the Fall Class you registered for and payment information.  
Once payment has been made, you will be given access to both classes.

All the free classes are a work at your own pace class that you will have access to for a full year so there is no need to hurry your way through the materials.  
The Fall Classes have a live Zoom component so you must register asap to participate in those classes!

We do our best to make classes accessible to all learning types and all disabilities.  However if you have questions about which classes will best meet your needs or think you may need additional accommodations, please reach out to us at

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