Monday, January 30, 2023

FAD2 Workshop

Adolescent & young adult dogs often struggle most with distractions that are beyond our control. This can be other people and/or dogs we meet while out on a walk, wild animals or pets that pop up unexpectedly, or any of a million other things that our dogs might react to. However this is NOT the place we want to start with training sessions.
If you want to help your dog succeed around distractions, you first have to teach them the skills to succeed in a no or low distraction environment. All training should start at home! There are a ton of games you can play to help teach your dog the skills they need to succeed while increasing your skills as a team. We are going to be going over lots of these games in the FAD2 Mini-workshop! 

The FAD2 Workshop will take place March 22nd - 25th!
An email will go out every morning at 8am for those subscribed to the email list AND a FB Event post will be added to the event every day at the same time for those who prefer the FB Format. 
The info will be the same in both places so you only need to follow one of them.

Discussion on the Topic of the Day can be done on the FAD Discussion Group and we will be hosting a live Q&A each evening. Check out the FB Group to see the time for the Q&A Live each day.

The FAD2 Workshop will build on to last year's workshop, so be sure to go back and watch that before March 22nd to catch up.  Here are links to last year's workshop on the Yooper Paws website.

FAD Day 1 - "What is Focus?"

FAD Day 2 - "Understanding Emotions Better"

FAD Day 3 - "Setting Up the Environment!"

FAD Day 4 -  "Focus Exercises & Games!"

Here is the lineup for FAD2

FAD2 Day 1 - Environmental Processing
FAD2 Day 2 - The Science Around High Arousal
FAD2 Day 3 - Helping Your Dog Feel Safe, Calm, & Happy
FAD2 Day 4 - All About Reinforcement

Please fill out this registration form to be added to the email list for the FAD2 Workshop!

Thank You For Registering for the FAD2 Workshop! You will receive an email confirmation the week before the workshop begins with additional information.


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