Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Christmas Photo Fun #4

Yooper Paws Christmas Fun: Tricks in a Series

What tricks do your dogs know that require multiple commands? Do you have any tricks that take 4 commands? Some tricks require your dog to be in a certain position that may take more then one command to get them there. One of my favorites is Take a Nap. (Basically like playing dead, but in a more politically correct way that can be used in schools. Sit, Down, Take A Nap, OK/Wake Up 1. Sit - most dogs know this position 2. Down or Lay Down - again one of the first things you teach a dog, but usually has the dogs head raised off the ground and looking for the next direction. 3. Take a Nap - Dog lays head down on the floor. I have my dogs lay on their side, unless they have an aversion or medical reason to not lay flat on their side. Isis, who has allergies will often just lay her head straight down on the floor between her feet. 4. OK or Wake Up - We use wake up for this trick, but OK is our general release word that allows the dog to break position and reach for the treat. Tips: Again teach with dogs separate, but once they get it you can easily do it together. What other series of tricks do you use to get your dogs in a desired position. Send your photos or videos to yooperpaws@gmail.com for a chance to win prizes. Prizes will be announced on the Yooper Paws Facebook page.

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