Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Christmas Photo Fun #7

Christmas Photo Fun: Pups a Playin'

It is way to cold in Upper Michigan to do Pups a Swimmin' so I want to see how your dog chooses to play. This whole event is about training and playing with your dog to encourage obedience thru the bond you develop when you work together. So for this day, I want to see what your pup chooses to play when they are free to make the decision.

Cam is my ball man. He will play ball all day long till he can't move any more, then rest 5 minutes and play again. He is all ball all the time. Azul's favorite game is tug! We've been playing since he was a baby. Anytime he's bored, he grabs a tug toy and drops it on a person's lap beggin' to play. I've been able to use his love of this game to do some great training! I built up his hand delivered retrieve starting with tug toys. I got him started with recall by holding tug toys out for him to run back to me. And we use tug as one of Azul's primary reinforcers because he has so much fun with it. Here at Yooper Paws of Love we play tons of games to help with teaching concepts that help our dogs make safe and awesome choices! You can see examples of some our favorite games on YouTube.

Some of our favorite games include:

Hide-n-Seek (with Zoomies)

Find It

Positions Games

Proximity Games

What games do you play with your pups? And what seems to be their favorite? Play that game today and share photos or videos of your pups a playin via email at yooperpaws@gmail.com

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