Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Christmas Photo Fun #3

Christmas Photo Fun #3: Gentle Mouths

Does your dog take a treat nice and easy so they could be trusted to take candy from a baby? Or does your dog take treats like a baby shark? This is also a great way to teach children the proper way to hold a dog treat. As not all dogs they encounter will have a mouth that is gentle. So teaching them this safer way to hold the treat out for a dog is a great thing to do if you take your pup to visit schools, libraries, the park or other places where you encounter lots of kids. Tips: * Work with 1 dog at time to teach! * Lay hand flat so dog has to take the treat off your hand. This allows you to close your hand if you think your dog is being too hyper and not really focused on what you are trying to do. * Hold your hand low, well below the dogs nose so they are reaching down instead of up for a the treat. Once your dog has mastered the concept, you can change how you hold the treat. Can you lay the treat on your lap? How about a shoulder? Do you dare hold it in your mouth? What other ways can you demonstrate your dog's Gentle Mouth? Don't forget to send your photos or videos to yooperpaws@gmail.com for a chance to win prizes. Prizes will be announced on the Yooper Paws Facebook page.

Here is our Day 3 Video

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