Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Christmas Photo Fun #10

Yooper Paws Christmas Photo Fun: Pups a Leaping

Do you teach your dog to jump? I know most of spend a lot of time teaching our dogs not to jump on us or other people! Some dogs love to jump so starting low and gradually finding higher things to jump can be a great way to get rid of some physical and mental energy. Some dogs don't really enjoy it, but a good "over" or "under" command can come in handy if you hike thru the woods or other places where the dog might come across obstacles. Maybe you haven't taught your dog to do this on command. Cam knows the over command and will do it for a treat...but doesn't really enjoy doing it for fun. He does however love to take the shortest route to the flying tennis ball. So if I set up a jump in his path, he will clear it with ease. Show me your pictures of your air-born pups, leaping at any level their training allows. Have fun, and be safe! Remember if you have a young pup, jumping can be bad for developing joints so keep it low to the ground.

If your pup is too young, too old or simply shouldn't be jumping, you can do a Parkour Paws Up for this challenge at a height that will not hurt your dog! You can learn about K9 Parkour on our blog.

Don't forget to email your photos & videos to yooperpaws@gmail.com for a chance to win!

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