Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Christmas Photo Fun #8

Yooper Paws Christmas Photo Fun: Puppy Eyes a Milkin'

This one should be easy for everyone because we are all familiar with those amazing puppy dog eyes!

Does your dog beg on command? Or do they just come by it naturally? Either way, I want to see it! Please share pictures of any command you have taught or simply the look on your pups face when your eating their favorite people food and they are hoping you will share!

Many people think staring or begging for food is wrong and choose to teach eye contact for other reasons. This can be for brief glances on a walk or prolonged staring contests. 

No matter how you train eye contact or if it comes naturally, when those eyes turn our way it melts our heart!

Be sure to share your puppy eyes to yooperpaws@gmail.com for a chance to earn a Christmas prize!

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