Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Christmas Photo Fun #6

Yooper Paws Christmas Photo Fun: Pups a Stayin'


This is an easy one. Most teach some form of stay to their dogs. No matter what level of training, I want to see how you use this command.

Please send your photos or videos to yooperpaws@gmail.com for a chance to win prizes. Prizes will be announced on the Yooper Paws Facebook page.

Variations of stay that we use:

Sit/Stay - This is the first one I teach a new pup almost as soon as they have mastered the Sit command. We use this on a daily basis for basic obedience, but it also comes in handy when out and about in the community. Our dogs will sit/stay before the meal is given or sit/stay to put a leash on or off.

Down/Stay - This is for a bit older dog that has already learned some self control. We use this for an extended stay of 2-3 minutes or longer. If pup needs a time out, I will show them a blanket and put them in a down stay. I may use a leash to help enforce it. Younger pups have a short memory, so they may need a reminder! Older dogs can do it for longer. If you've practiced it alot, they may be able to stay with distractions.

Wait - If we are doing a temporary pause such as waiting for traffic or approaching the end of an aisle or hallway, Wait allows my dog to chose whichever position they want to be in (sitting, standing, laying) as long as they hold position at my side.

Stay back - Allows the dog to move around as long as they don't get too close to you or your target. My husband loves this command in the kitchen, since as soon as you get something really yummy out to cook for dinner the circus of circling paws insists on being in the kitchen. It's also useful to teach a younger pup to stay back from objects that may be harmful such as opening the oven door.

What other variations do you use?

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